environmentally friendly and efficient methods for extraction
of rare earth elements (REE) from secondary sources

ENVIREE Workshop in Pretoria announced

ENVIREE Workshop on the Status of the Circular Economy with respect to the recovery of REE in South Africa will be organized by CGS on October 25, 2017 attached to the 5th ENVIREE Project Meeting.


This course aims to introduce and explain essential aspects of REE recovery from mining waste and tailings, along with the value chain, from secondary sources identification, sampling, chemical and mineralogical characterisation of secondary sources, beneficiation to leaching and separation processes. The workshop will deliver a holistic view of the recovery process with Life Cycle Assessment, and environmental impact as well as land reclamation of post treatment residues. The course will also give a picture of environmental impact of past mining activities and mine rehabilitation in South Africa.

More information in the attached leaflet.